What is TenFour?

  • TenFour is a crisis response tool for sending check-ins and collecting responses. 
  • Data can be collected from anyone, anytime, anywhere by SMS, email, the  TenFour app and slack so there is no device type dependency.
  • It can securely store team info  with  multiple points of contact,  all synced  securely via encrypted transport.
  • It will support multiple  admin  and user roles, so  that your  team only sees what  you want.
  • Users can Add contacts  to  a group so one can  check-in  with multiple people with  the push of  a button.
  • TenFour  has  modules  that work  with  telecom carriers  around  the world (SMS currently  in  US, UK, CA, KE).

Click the link to see its features.