Invite People

Invite individual user

  • Click on people, select the name of the person from your contact list.
  • Click on a non-user/or the name of the person who you want to invite.
  • New users must have an email account, press the invite this person to join on their contact.They will receive an email containing information on how to install the TenFour app and start using it.

Invite multiple users

  • Click the +Add icon in the upper right hand corner.
  • Check the small box at the upper right hand corner to select all users in your organization or check boxes at the right hand side of the users you wish to invite to use the TenFour app.
  • Click on actions and a drop down menu will appear.
  • Click on send invite and a module will appear for you to  confirm to send the invite via email to the selected users.

NB:Users are indicated with a small TenFour logo next to their name, but non-users do not have the logo.

if the non-users do not have an email address, first add their email address and then send an invite.