Set up tutorial

Set up tutorial

This provides you with our recommended first steps on how to use TenFour and it is also an alternative section where you can send check-ins, add people and groups and edit your profile with our added guidance information.

You will see this information when you first start using TenFour and this a way to re-activate that step-by-step.

  • Click on setting.
  • Click On Setup Tutorial



  • Click on check-ins. You can send yourself a test check-in to see how check-ins work. 
  • Click on ‘send a test check-in’, if this is your first time using the application. 

Nb: You can only send yourself a test check-in once using this section. 


    • Click on people
    • Click on add people to TenFour as an alternative route to do this.


    • Click on groups.
    • Click on add a group to TenFour to create groups based on location, department etc.

    Update my Profile

    • To edit your profile, click on profile.
    • Click on update my profile.

    Click on the below links to learn more on how to send check-ins, add people and groups and edit your profile.