Sending Check-Ins

How To Send Check-ins

You can send checkins to your whole organization , a group or selection of members of your team.

To compose a checkin:

  • Select checkin  in the menu bar.
  • Select the pencil icon at the upper right hand corner of your screen.
  • Type out your message or question

It is very important for you not to ask open ended question as people respond from a limited number of choices.

Next, you’ll need to configure or choose potential answers to your question:

  • The default answers to any question is yes and no, which you can remove, if necessary. For any additional answers, click on ‘add answer’ and author an answer of your choice by editing as shown.
  • If you want to compose a message that does not need a response, e.g an announcement,  click ‘do not ask for a response’ and the message will be delivered with no response needed.
  • Click Next at the upper right hand corner of your screen to move to the next step.

You will then need to select the channels via which to send out your checkins, and add  recipients:

  • If you are on the free plan the only channel you can send to is the tenfour app. To send to all the available channels, all you need to do is upgrade to TenFour pro.
  • Select add people to select the recipients of the message. You can select multiple people or the existing groups in your organization.
  • Once done click send.

Viewing responses:

  • You should be able to see all checkins sent from your organisation from the checkins page.
  • You should see a brief summary of responses to each individual checkin, denoted by colors, and the number of people you have sent checkins to.
  • To view individual details or responses to checkin, click on it to expand and to view each individual's reply. You will see individial responses to your question and additional messages and location (only over the app).

Replying to checkins:

Via Email

When a user receives a Check-In to their email, they can check their inbox. A message from tenfour@tenfour.org with the text of your message in the subject. User’s either reply directly in their email with a response such as “Yes” or “No” any additional text will be added to the message field in their response.

Via sms

Users receiving messages over SMS will get a text from a random phone number saying that your organization is trying to reach them. They can respond to a Check-In with the short code “tenfour” and include the reply “Yes” or “No” or any another available answer included.

Via app

They can respond via the app by loggin in to their tenfour account and clicking on ‘awaiting response’ at top right of the checkins section.

Via slack

Sending over Slack is still in beta. A message over slack will be sent to the entire team over the Slack channel you’ve configured in your settings (link). No matter which team member you select, the message will be seen by all people. To respond, a user can click a response and login to the app to register their response. Only registered user’s can reply.