Replying to Check-Ins​

Reply over email

When a user receives a Check-In to their email, they can check their inbox. A message from tenfour@tenfour.org with the text of your message in the subject. User’s either reply directly in their email with a response such as “Yes” or “No” any additional text will be added to the message field in their response.

A user can click on the link at the bottom of the Tenfour Message  ‘i don’t want to receive TenFour check-ins at this email address’ and will be redirected to a pop box to either choose between don’t receive check-ins at this address or nevermind, i want to receive check-ins.

If ‘don’t send check-ins to this address’ field is chosen, the user will be unsubscribed and will have to log  in to subscribe again . if the latter is chosen , the user will be redirected to a pop box to enter his/her email address and password to login in to the application to respond to the check-in.

Alternatively, a user can click on their response and they will be taken to the web app to include the rest of their details. If a user does not see their email messages, they should check their ‘Updates’, 'junk' and ‘Spam’ folders.

Reply over SMS

Users receiving messages over SMS will get a text from a random phone number saying that your organization is trying to reach them. They can respond to a Check-In with “Yes” or “No” or customer answers and also include additional text that will included in the message field of their response. If a user fails to respond to the message, the next time they receive a Check-In, they will be reminded to respond to the previous message.

Reply in the app

To reply to a message in the app, login to TenFour on your browser or mobile app. Messages waiting for you should appear right away. You can find past messages in the ‘Check-Ins’ section of the main menu. You can click on any Check-In to reply. Select your answer to the question and add any additional message and location information that could help your team.

Click respond to reply to the message or  resend to send the message again.

Reply over Slack

Sending over Slack is still in beta. A message over slack will be sent to the entire team over the Slack channel you’ve configured in your settings (link). No matter which team member you select, the message will be seen by all people. To respond, a user can click a response and login to the app to register their response. Only registered user’s can reply.

Reply Over Voice call

When a check in is sent via voice call, the recipient will receive a phone call from the number +1201-579-9005 from new jersey. The automated voice will relay the message that the sender sent via the app and in order to respond to the message, you need to follow the instructions the automated voice will tell you.

Example: if the message needed a “yes” or “no” response, the automated voice will tell you to “press 1 for no” or “press 2 for yes”. Press either to respond to the check-in and it will  be automatically updated on the app.