By default, every TenFour instance will have an admin user as an owner and admin, with a password admin on initial setup. Once logged in, this user can create further user accounts or give others admin permissions too.

The onboarding process has three steps:

  • Add people to your organization. Make sure everyone you need to reach is included.
  • Review your contact information. Make sure your information is complete and accurate and you have at least one phone number and one email address for easy communication with your team.
  • Send yourself a test Check-in to see if you can receive messages.

No training

Onboarding onto TenFour requires little to no staff training, as a non-team-member will be covered by TenFour even if they don’t use the app.

Inviting users

An organization admin can add a person’s contacts and send them Check-Ins without that person being a user. Non-users can receive Check-Ins to SMS and email, but not over the TenFour app.

Preventing spam

In order to prevent spam, uninvited users can choose to unsubscribe from messages they do not want to receive. They will not be able to receive messages at that contact any longer.