Deleting People

Deleting A Person

  • Click on their contact in the People section of the main menu.
  • Select the contact you would like to delete, and click on edit.

  • Scroll to the bottom and select Remove From Organization.

NB: This will permanently delete the person, all their contact information, and their TenFour history including their responses to past check-ins.

Deleting multiple people

  • Check the checkbox at the right hand side of the user/users you wish to remove from the organization/account.
  • Click on actions and a drop down menu will appear.

  • A window will pop over with the number of users selected.
  • Click on remove from organization.

  • A module will pop over asking you if you are sure about deleting the people you have chosen.
  • Click remove to delete or cancel to not make the changes.


  • You will be notified on the notifications page the person/people you chose left the organization.