Create your Organization

TenFour is built for teams, so we first have to create your organization.

  • Click on Create an organization.
  • Enter your Email address to sign up on the page that appears.

Confirm account owner's email

  • A verification Email will be sent to you with instructions for getting started.

  • Once you click verify, a page will pop  up with verification boxes.
  • Click Yes, that’s the right address or click No, switch to another address if you wish to change your email address and another invitation will be sent to that address instead.

Enter account owner's name,organization's name and domain

  • Once you verify your Email address, you can create your organization. Enter your full name (including your first and last name)organization’s name and URL for your organization. Your URL will have tenfour.org after it e.g. myorg.tenfour.org. This is the URL you will enter into your browser to access your TenFour account. When you are ready to progress, click Next.

Nb: Once you choose your URL you cannot change it.

Set your password

Set your password for the organization owner’s account. Your password must be at least 8 characters and cannot be in sequences, like 123456 or abcdef. It is important to choose a strong password.

  • Choose a secure  password and accept the terms  of service and privacy policy by checking the box.
  • Click ok, all finished and you will be redirected to the onboarding dashboard of the TenFour application.

NB: if you do not verify your email address within 24 hours it will expire and a pop window will open to verify that, but all you need to do is just sign up again.