Compose a Check-In

What are Check-ins for?

TenFour makes it easy to reach your team on any device when it is most important by sending a short poll or “Check-In.” You can send Check-Ins to your whole organization, a group or a selection of team members. Your team can respond over App/SMS/Email/Slack in real time so you can see how everyone is doing as soon as possible.

Create a Check-In

  • Go to the Check-In section in the menu.
  • Select the pencil icon at the upper right hand corner.

  • A window will pop where you can author your message.

NB: Write a question or message to your team. do not ask open ended questions, as people respond from a limited number of choices.

if you prefer to push a message to your team such as “we will be closed today,” you can compose a message and press ‘don’t ask for a response.’

Choosing Answers

  • The default answers to any question are yes and no. You can add additional answers by pressing the Add answer field and click Next to move to the next step or cancel to avoid effecting the changes.

  • If you do not want a response, click on don’t ask for a response and the recipient’s message will be delivered with a no response is needed.


NB:You can also change any field including the defaults, by clicking on the text. keep in mind that users will have to type this response exactly over email & sms, so keep it simple. when you’re ready, press next.

Selecting Channels

  • Under the send via field you can choose which channels to send to ie SMS, Email, Slack, and TenFour app. If you are on the free plan, you can only send via the tenfour app only. To send via sms and email you need to  upgrade to TenFour Pro.
  • Select who you will send it to, press the Add people field where you can select multiple people or groups  of people to receive the message by scrolling down through the name of groups and people and click send when done.


After you have added the people or groups you are going to send the check-in to, at the bottom of the module you will see the number of people that have been added and how much credit you will use, Only If you chose SMS or/and voice call as one of the channels to send via.

This helps you to manage your credits. If you do not have enough credits, when you try sending the check-in an error will be displayed for you to purchase more credits for you send your check-in.

You’ll notice that SMS are limited. All other channels are free to send to, however telephone carriers do charge in order to send SMS to people’s telephones. Each plan comes with enough SMS credits to reach your team in an emergency, but if you need, you can purchase additional credits. Learn more about how credits work.


Scheduling check-ins

This feature calculates the beginning of when you send a check-in up to the point where you want to stop sending the check-in.

  • Click on ‘when’ to schedule the time and date you want the check-in to be sent.
  • A pop-out window will appear for you to schedule the time you want to begin to send out your check-in.
  • Click on the date and time you want the check-in to be sent out
  • Click ‘done’ to finish.

  • Click on ‘frequency’ or the drop down arrow.
  • A pop-over window will appear for you to select how often you want to send the check-in ie hourly, daily, etc.
  • Click on ‘done’ when you finish.
  • Once the frequency of time has been selected, the ‘until’ and the ‘number of check-ins’ fields will appear.
  • Click on ‘until’.
  • A pop-out window will appear where you can select up to the point of time you would like to stop sending the check-ins.
  • Select the date and time and click ‘done’ when you finish.
  • Click on the scroll button at the right side of the ‘number of check-ins’ option to select the number of times you want to send your check-in.

Nb: If you choose to send your check-in ‘once’ on the frequency option, you will not be given the option of when to stop or set the number of times you want to send your check-in on your window as this will only send the check-in once.

Save check-in

This feature gives you the option to save your check-in as a template to be used at a later date or time.

  • Check the check-box on the right hand side of the ‘save this check-in to reuse later’ field.

When creating a new check-in, it gives you the option of creating a new check-in or sending a check-in that had been saved as a template.  

  • Click on ‘create’ on the check-in page.
  • Click on ‘saved check-ins’.
  • Click on the check-in you want to send.
  • Edit the check-in as you see fit or send it as it.
  • Click ‘send’ when you done.

Deleting a saved check-in

  • Click on the x icon button at the right hand side of the check-in.
  • A pop-over window will appear for you to select if you want to cancel or delete the saved check-in.

  • Once you are done creating or editing a saved check-in click ‘send’ to send out the check-in.