Active Channels


  • Click on active channels.
  • Choose the channels you prefer to send Check-Ins with ie Email,SMS,Voice call,Slack and TenFour App.
  • Click on cancel to avoid effecting the changes or done to save the changes .

NB:You can configure slack via the web app only.

NB: Voice calls are currently in beta and are only active under certain circumstances

Slack configuration

  • To configure Slack, browse to settings in the menu.  
  • Click on active channels.
  • Check the box to turn on sending via Slack. You will have to enter a slack webhook URL to begin sending.

You will need to configure a webhook on slack. Slack provides instructions on how to configure a webhook: Incoming Webhooks | Slack. once the webhook is configured, choose a channel to receive Slack messages. You can only choose one channel.

NB: All users with access to that  Slack channel will see all messages sent over Slack.